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Dictionary of Terms

Many have wondered where I came up with all of the names, places and creatures used in creating THE LAST HEIR. Here’s a list of terms.

Baiji – Scientific name for an extinct aquatic mammal

Daonkal – Combination of the Irish word Daonna for “HUMAN” & the Estonian word Kala for “FISH”

Kargassa – Derivation of the Turkish word Kargasa for “TURMOIL”

Nāra – Latvian word for “MERMAID”

Proteucean –  Combination of Proteus, the Greek mythological figure who could take human or aquatic forms and the scientific suffix cean – which designates certain aquatic species

Taonia & Pavonia – Scientific names for a particular type of seaweed

Xilas – Azerbaijani word for “RESCUE”

List of international words for WATER, used in creating Proteucean & Daonkal names:

Albanian – uji

Azeri/Turkish – su

Bambara – gui

Basque – ura

Bengali – jal

Bobo – zou

Bosnian/Croatian/Czech/Russian/Serbian/ Slovak/Slovenian/Sobota/Ukranian – voda

Chechen – hi

Cherokee – ama

Danish – vand

Esperanto – akvo

Estonian/Finnish – vesi

French – eau

Greek – thalassa

Haitian Creole – dlo

Hawaiian/Maori – wai

Hebrew – mayim

Hindi – paani

Hungarian – viz

Japanese – mizu

Khmer – thuk

Kinyarwanda – amazi

Kurdish – av

Lao – nam

Latin – aqua

Malagasy – rano

Maltese – ilma

Mapuche – ko

Norwegian – vann

Shimaore – magi

Spanish – agua

Swahili – maji

Vietnamese – nuoc

Zulu – amanzi

List of international words for SEA, used in creating Proteucean & Daonkal names:

French – mer

Spanish – mar


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