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The Last Heir

Almost every culture has a mythical creature that is half human – half fish. They have been called Syreni, Undine, even Mermaid; but they call themselves Daonkal. The Last Heir is a unique blend of global legends, science and myth with a modern twist that sparks the imagination and takes the reader deep into warring realms far below the ocean’s surface. A sect of Daonkal, the Kargassa, seeks to take dominion over the Earth returning our world to its aquatic origin. The Baiji are the sworn alliance to stop the Kargassa and have long awaited the signal of the Xilas, the last heir. The key to ending the war lies with the Xilas, who has been kept far from the sea and from the truth that he is the promised royal hero who, because of his lineage, possesses the ability to take human or Daonkal form.

MermanEighteen-year-old Branon Donovan vaguely remembers his parents except for a few bizarre encounters at an aquarium, and brief memories of a pop-up book about the ocean. Little does he know those faint recollections are vital clues that will protect humanity. When Branon first encounters the ocean on a spring break trip, a signal is transmitted to the undersea kingdom that the last heir has been found – triggering events that expose family secrets and change his world forever. Through new allies and unforeseen foes, Branon discovers his true identity and finds the inner strength to fulfill his destiny: save the world he knows and one he never knew existed.

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Dictionary of Terms

Many have wondered where I came up with all of the names, places and creatures used in creating THE LAST HEIR. Here’s a list of terms. Baiji – Scientific name for an extinct aquatic mammal Daonkal – Combination of the Irish word Daonna for “HUMAN” & the Estonian word Kala for “FISH” Kargassa – Derivation of the …

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Randall & Vivian’s story – How it all began

  “What are we going to do with her, Viv?” his voice soft and low.  He glanced over to make certain the infant remained asleep. He couldn’t believe that in their bed lay this helpless little girl. Her thin blonde hair sprawled in tousled ringlets like spun gold on the dingy motel pillowcase. Tiny fingers …

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