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Life is full of journeys. Some planned. Some a result of following your heart’s impulse. My life’s journey has led me to many wonderful places and people. Along the way I have loved, laughed, lamented and most importantly — LIVED.

Sharing a bit of my soul through my writing both thrills and terrifies me. It’s a leap of faith. But that is nothing new for me. I tend to dive right in and look AFTER I leap!

I hope you will venture along for however long our paths connect and share some of your thoughts. May you find something that inspires your journey!

“Life is a journey, NOT a destination!” – unknown



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Guest Post – Rhani D. Chae

Shadow of the Drill came after a friend gave me a (bad) idea for a character’s name that developed into an awesome idea for a book about an unapologetic enforcer by the name of Decker, whose precise and unyielding methods of conducting ‘business’  have earned him the nickname of “the Drill.” I used to joke that the …

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A New Day At Rave Reviews Book Club

A NEW DAY AT RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB! Hello, and Welcome to a NEW day at RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB! If you’ve never heard of us, you must not ever turn your computer on because we are the Virtual Book Club that everyone is buzzing about. We’ve been around now for five (5) months and …

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